A Little About Us

Protect OV Kids is an all-volunteer organization. Some of us have lived in Orangevale for 40 years. Some of us just moved here. We all cherish the rural character of Orangevale and the sense of safety that makes it a great place for children.

We formed our group in November after a public hearing before the Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council. The hearing focused on plans by Turning Point Community Programs to open a 15-bed mental crisis residential facility on Elm Avenue. The site is across the street from Louis Pasteur Middle School and within a half-mile of three other schools.

We learned of the plan from a notice mailed by Sacramento County to residents within 500 feet of the property. We were alarmed and upset that Turning Point had purchased the property, with a county grant and county encouragement, without any outreach to neighbors. We believe that lack of transparency is an insult to people who live in Orangevale, which is often a dumping ground for facilities other communities don’t want.

Most of us have never been engaged in community organizing before, but we are united by a common belief: 9048 Elm Avenue is the wrong location for a mental crisis center, and poses a risk to hundreds of schoolchildren who walk past the property each week.